You will never look at retirement the same again.

“You’d be silly to start a building project without a blueprint. But it’s even crazier to approach retirement without a plan. Repurposed offers the kind of practical ideas that can transform your golden years into something absolutely priceless.”

Dave Ramsey
Best-Selling Author and nationally syndicated radio show host

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“We hear a lot about retirement being that magical time when we can move into a season of life of leisure, doing only what we enjoy doing. And yet reality shows us it’s often simply a time of being “too old to work but too young to die.” Without a clear plan, that time can be frightening and full of struggle. Repurposed is a guide for planning the last years of life, based not just on having enough money, but on continuing meaningful relationships, memories and legacy.” Dan Miller

Author and coach,

“Do you want to live a life of significance through your retirement years? Ben Taatjes is a living example of servant leadership and he has written his book with the same wisdom, dedication, and respect that guides his life. In Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America, Ben shares the secret to a fulfilling retirement is to get clear on your purpose and how you will serve others during the greatest years of your life. Living the principles of this book will insure that you leave a legacy that will positively impact future generations.” Mark Deterding

Founder & Author, Triune Leadership Services

“An easy-to-read and down-to-earth message, Taatjes helps us all find purpose in our later years—and that is a most worthy endeavor!” John G. Miller

Author, QBQ! The Questions Behind the Question

What You’ll Learn


The number one way retirees are shocked and disappointed by retirement.


How Ben learned about finance as a young boy from his first used dirt bike.


How and why to practice retirement.


The Worst retirement advice Ben’s ever given.


The most important factors to retiring with purpose and fulfilled besides money.


Why money doesn’t buy happiness BUT pensions do.

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The Podcast

Former TV meteorologist, Jerrid Sebesta, walked away from a successful career in 2014 to find more purpose in his life and work. Based on Ben Taatjes’ book, “Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America” where Ben encourages retirees to walk into a life of greater purpose – Jerrid teaches and inspires you to live a life of purpose, meaning and impact.

Look for interviews with authors, experts in this field, people that have discovered their purpose in unusual ways and people that have left a dent in society or their field of work. Find out what motivates them and how others can follow their lead and leave a lasting legacy.

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“Ben Taatjes and his crew have put together a wonderful program designed to educate and inspire consumers to focus on and strive for purpose in life leading up to and during retirement!”

Adam Hulen

Dynamic advisory practice making a positive impact

Ben Taatjes

Ben Taatjes


Ben Taatjes is the founder and CEO of Taatjes Financial Group—a leading retirement planning firm with two offices in west-central Minnesota.

Ben opened Taatjes Financial’s doors in 2006, and did so with the belief that money alone doesn’t make us happy. Since then, he’s built a team upon that foundation.

Ben’s passion is helping people move their financial assets from numbers on a page into real life. This means assets are converted to match people’s “true wealth.” From folks on the cusp of retirement to those just getting started, helping clients achieve their goals is what makes Ben tick. Ultimately, this means building lasting relationships with everyone who walks through his doors.

When he isn’t in the office, you can usually find Ben on an outdoor adventure, making memories with his family, or on an annual trip to Haiti to see how the rest of the world lives. Ben lives with his wife, Megan, and daughters, Lauren and Addilyn, in west-central Minnesota.


1104 19th Ave SW, Willmar, MN 56201