How would you react if you discovered you could retire years earlier than you had planned? For most of us, that sounds like a pipe dream, but author and retirement planner Ben Taatjes had a client who could make it reality. The man entered his office with a few working years ahead of him and left with a two-week notice on his lips, but retirement didn’t deliver on the promises either of them believed it would.

In Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America, Taatjes weaves the untold story of retirement in America and pulls back the curtain on the reality that lies just over the crest of age sixty-five. You will trace the surprising roots of retirement that spring from the days of Otto von Bismarck and a cultural context that differs greatly from our own.

Inside, Taatjes expertly untangles the web of misinformation and unmet expectations to shed light on the path to making retirement the most fulfilling years of your life by living a life repurposed for effect.

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