Don’t retire. 



The Untold Story of Retirement in America

How would you react if you discovered you could retire years earlier than you had planned? For most of us, that sounds like a pipe dream, but author and retirement planner Ben Taatjes had a client who could make it reality. The man entered his office with a few working years ahead of him and left with a two-week notice on his lips, but retirement didn’t deliver on the promises either of them believed it would.

What you will learn:
  • The way to seamlessly transition into a fulfilling and impactful retirement
  • The four major areas people fail in retirement
  • How “the showroom effect” can ruin your retirement
  • The worst retirement advice we’ve ever given
  • The importance of defining wealth versus income
  • How practicing retirement while working is crucial
  • Retirement isn’t the end, but rather a beginning
Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey

You’d be silly to start a building project without a blueprint. But it’s even crazier to approach retirement without a plan. Repurposed offers the kind of practical ideas that can transform your golden years into something absolutely priceless.

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Repurposed University is a five-lesson video-based course designed to bridge the gap between your working years into a purposeful and impactful retirement. This isn’t simple goal-setting or charting an entirely new reason for living. Instead, it’s designed to help you see the continuation of the abilities and passions you’ve developed and pursued during your working years.

Repurposed University Course Materials
What’s included:
  • Five Repurposed video lessons
  • Interactive Repurposed workbook with exercises
  • Exclusive online access to
  • Copy of “Repurposed: The Untold Story of Retirement in America”
Repurposed University Course Materials
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Retire Repurposed Podcast
It’s time to rethink, renew and reimagine retirement! Retire Repurposed is dedicated to help people transition into fulfilling and purposeful retirements. Retirement is a big life-change. In fact, the two most dangerous years of a person’s life are the year they are born and the year they retire. We believe retirement is not the end; rather, the beginning of what could be the most impactful season of a person’s life. So, don’t retire; become Repurposed.


Indefiniteness of Purpose is a Bigger Deal Than You Thought

Traditional American retirement can be boiled down into two conversations: money and leisure. I challenge you to Google the word “retirement” and NOT find an article, blog or group either talking about finances or how to enjoy newfound freedom devoid of work. One of the foundational problems with conventional retirement wisdom is that it doesn’t address how or why to live with definiteness of purpose.